[Case Study] Spooky AR Photo Contest

[Case Study] Spooky AR Photo Contest

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Apollo Box is an online shopping platform where customers can find fun and unique products for all occasions and for all types of people. We carry a lot of seasonal products and run promotional events for them on social media. We decided to blend our augmented reality technology with our Halloween event to host a photo contest.

Spooky (Augmented Reality) Photo Contest

During our Facebook Spooky Photo contest, we invited our followers to play with creepy Halloween products in augmented reality and pose them in spooky photographs for a chance to win prizes. All contestants were required to use the augmented reality feature in the Apollo Box app in order to take their photograph.

We included optional Halloween filters that contestants were encouraged to use, but as long as the photograph included an AR product, it was eligible. We tallied the votes based on Facebook likes, as of November 3, 2016.

Spooky Photo Contest Winners:


Our Halloween AR contest was a big success, as our contestants got into a competitive spirit and tried to one-up each other with their spooky and inventive photographs. This promotion took advantage of our existing technology with seasonal filters for our users to take advantage of. Our technology enables us to quickly incorporate these 2D effects within our system upon request.

The Halloween Augmented Reality contest worked well because our customers are eager to share their shopping experience with their followers. We try to highlight the most innovative and interesting products in augmented reality to offer our customers a great experience while they are browsing through our store. While Halloween is not typically seen as a major shopping holiday, we were able to gather a strong and loyal following in preparation for the vital holiday season.

As with many retail companies, we try and customize our promotions to fit with the season. Our Valentine’s Day promotion uses scanned imagery instead of the 2D overlay, and we are encouraging customers to share a physical card to accompany the virtual display.

We’d love to work with you in the future on a promotion that fits with your product and vision. Whether you’d be interested in offering up prizes to contestants or you’d like to see your product displayed in augmented reality, we’d love to hear your idea!

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