[Case Study] Valentine’s Day

[Case Study] Valentine’s Day

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For our Valentine’s Day Event, we custom-engineered our technology to be able to scan greeting cards in order to display a virtual object. Instead of displaying one of our products, we built and animated a crystal heart to play whenever one of our customers scanned one of our greeting cards. We offered these greeting cards as a free option together with any qualifying purchase, and they could also be added directly to the cart.

Technology Behind the Scanning

Instead of using the same technology as our product browsing feature, for the Valentine’s Day event we built a program to scan patterns in order to display virtual objects in real time. The 3D digital content is attached to the greeting card through the phone screen. When the user rotates and moves the card, the 3D content reacts actively to the motion.

The technology behind this is called marker-based augmented reality. The system actively looks for the card in live video. Once the greeting card is located within the video, its 3D pose and position is calculated. This information enables us to superimpose the 3D virtual content to the greeting card, to achieve the end result. For more information on Marker/Markerless AR, read our engineering blog!

Working With Influencers

For this event, we sent out a large number of cards to our social media influencers. Our influencers shared them across their social media channels. They found it extremely unique and creative, and some even asked if we could ship in bulk orders.

Our influencer campaigns are a major part of our marketing effort because we are able to build trust and connect with our consumers through the efforts of our brand ambassadors. We partner with established YouTube creators and bloggers who are excited about our brand. With the oversaturation of online advertising, consumers are more likely to base buying decisions upon trusted influencers who are able to add a personal touch to their reviews.

We love the organic feel of influencer marketing because it allows customers to get an honest and in-depth perspective of products from a user perspective. When an influencer posts something, customers know that their information is thorough and reliable. Our brand ambassadors are an important and vital part of Apollo Box.

Success and Future

Our Valentine’s Day event tapped into all of our normal marketing channels, was fairly easy to implement with our existing technology, and was very simple and rewarding for our users. Customers who were browsing the store for Valentine’s Day or other purchases were able to easily add a card to their purchase.

We included instructions on how to use the card and encouraged people to share their “magical moment” with their friends and family (and us!) by snapping a photograph. We received many great images from our customers who were amazed at the cool effect.

Since this technology was fairly easy to implement and was well received by our audience, we’re eager to continue using it for future promotions and events, and we are exploring year-round offerings not tied to special holiday promotions. We are open to collaborations with vendors and other companies interested in bolstering their brand with our technology.


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