Apollo Box’s Augmented Reality Increases Sales and Engagement Among Online Consumers

Apollo Box’s Augmented Reality Increases Sales and Engagement Among Online Consumers

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Statistics show that shoppers spend more money and time thanks to augmented reality.  E-commerce startup Apollo Box found that augmented reality increases sales and engagement for online shoppers.

The startup believes that shoppers should have the chance to engage with a product before making an online purchase.  They created a platform where users can test and play with products using augmented reality.

Apollo Box is one of first businesses to integrate augmented reality into the online shopping experience. The new startup made an app built on markerless AR technology, that allows users to view and interact with virtual 3D products that are pictured in their current environment.

Augmented Reality Increases Sales and Engagement


Augmented Reality Increases Sales and Engagement

Apollo Box started beta testing the AR feature in October 2016 and found a correlation between AR technology and sales based on their testing metrics. The report revealed that customers who used the augmented reality feature in the Apollo Box app were 25% more likely to make a purchase.

Data from the report shows users who tried their AR shopping feature spent 2.5X time in the app with a 20% higher retention rate compared to those who did not use the feature. Customers are drawn to Apollo Box because they have the opportunity to become familiar with products their living environment and see how products work before they commit to purchase.

Augmented Reality Increases Sales and Engagement

Bring Your Products to Life with Apollo Box

Apollo Box now offers this technology to brands that want to give consumers the same 3D experience. It is often time-consuming and costly for individual brands to create their own AR apps, which involves specialist hiring and technology licensing.

Apollo Box makes this service readily available. Any brand can present a high-quality 3D animation of their products on Apollo Box’s innovative platform for free. Apollo Box wants to support all small and medium brands with AR to help boost their business success.

Apollo Box co-founder Will Li says he is thrilled but not surprised by what he has seen in the AR shopping industry.

“Apollo Box is trying to bring the online shopping experience to the next level with 3D and AR technology. More than 20% of consumer shopping will be done via AR by 2020 and we hope to lead the way towards the future of e-commerce,” says Li.

For more information about augmented reality and how you can incorporate it into your business, email: contact@theapollobox.com.

ABOUT Apollo Box

Apollo Box is an AR e-commerce platform curated to help customers discover, collect and share unique products from around the world. 

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