Apollo Box Fineses eCommerce and AR with ARKit

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Apollo Box Fineses eCommerce and AR with ARKit

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Apollo Box is using the ARKit to create a richer shopping experience for all Apollo App users.  Once Apple launches iOS 11 this fall, people with the iPhone 6s and up can see accurate 3D models of lifestyle products in the Apollo Box App.   

Apollo Box has always believed in and utilized AR. Augmented Reality is a useful and practical technology that can be used to solve and prevent real life mistakes.

Apollo Box uses augmented reality to diminish common online retail mistakes, lower return rates, and create a higher sales conversion. Today people who download the Apollo Box App can see and interact with a variety of products in AR form before committing to a purchase.  Users can also take photos of the AR product and share this photos with friends to gain feedback and promote brand recognition.

Apollo Box is using the ARKit for more than silly videos and graphics. See a realistic depiction of what a plant hanger will look like on your apartment wall. Or what a clock would look like in your bedroom. Learn how a functions before adding it into your shopping cart.

With the ARKit, all Apollo Box product models will appear more stable in the app, and become anchored to the surface of your choice.  In addition to a more realistic depiction of products, users can see all visuals crystal clear, with the higher resolution.

The advancements Apollo Box is making with the ARKit will enhance the customer experience and increase sales.  Many media outlets only see AR and AR apps as a novelty.  Yet this kit is giving our viewers more accurate descriptions and expectations of the product they’ll be ordering and Apollo Box is excited to further enhance the eCommerce experience with augmented reality.

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