[Case Study] Valentine’s Day

600 398 Daniel Lipson

For our Valentine’s Day Event, we custom-engineered our technology to be able to scan greeting cards in order to display a virtual object. Instead of displaying one of our products,…

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[Case Study] ELFY GO Game

600 390 Daniel Lipson

Apollo Box launched ELFY GO as an augmented reality game within our mobile app. The game was inspired by the Pokemon GO craze that erupted in the Summer of 2016.…

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[Case Study] Spooky AR Photo Contest

585 350 Daniel Lipson

Apollo Box is an online shopping platform where customers can find fun and unique products for all occasions and for all types of people. We carry a lot of seasonal…

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Augmented Reality Bay Area

585 390 Daniel Lipson

On January 24, 2017, we attended our first Augmented Reality Bay Area (ARBA) meetup hosted at the Runway Incubator in San Francisco. On display were a number of innovative AR…

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