ApolloBox brings innovative augmented reality shopping platform to makers and retailers of all sizes.

Increase Conversions

Users are 25% more likely to make a purchase when they shop with augmented reality. Engaging with products retains users for longer periods of time, and users are more likely to make the decision to purchase.

Connect Online and Offline Shopping

Users typically use multiple platforms before making their final purchase. The Apollo Box mobile app is a great way to browse and learn about what we have to offer while our customers are offline. They can later return home and make their final purchase on our online store.

Provide Superior Visuals

Interactive 3D objects can be more informative than images or video. The virtual products are fully animated and have dynamic light, color, and sound consistent with the real life items they are representing. Our shoppers are able to enjoy a well-rounded experience with the product in the comfort of their own home.

Check our product 3d model samples

Deep Customer Engagement

Customers form a stronger attachment to products they view in AR. Being able to play with a product, pose with it for a picture, and share it with their friends gives our users the ability to form a powerful connection to a product before making the decision to purchase it.

Increased Social Engagment

Augmented Reality shopping introduces a new and engaging medium for social sharing. We integrate fully with Facebook and other social media to allow customers to get creative with photographs of our virtual products. We host regular events to encourage users to explore and experiment with the possibilities of our technology.

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