Boost conversation and increase engagement with our innovative augmented reality technology.

At Apollo Box, we believe that augmented reality (AR) is the future of e-commerce. Because of this, we have a technical team dedicated to the research and development of AR technology. Rather than rely on a third party platform, we insist on developing our own solution to tailor the functionality to suit general e-commerce needs in the new era. Our e-commerce targeted solution has been proven to boost conversation rates and increase user engagement over multiple campaigns and events. We would like to help you take advantage of augmented reality by sharing our technology with your business.

Markerless AR

Powered by our Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Slam) system, your virtual product can be placed anywhere, anytime. The user can preview and test your product’s digital avatar from their mobile device and share the products with their friends in 3D

Marker-Based AR

By specifically designing a marker, our image recognition algorithm detects the marker through real-time video and localizes it. Your product’s digital avatar is then linked to the media and displayed in the real world. Wouldn’t it be awesome to let your client see your product catalog in 3D simply by scanning your name card directly from their phone? Reach all your clients quickly and easily through AR.

High-Quality Modeling Pipeline

An innovative modeling pipeline is critical for digitally representing your product in high fidelity. At Apollo Box, we create the digital avatar for you. We pay close attention to the appearance of these avatars to achieve a realistic appearance. We also illustrate the usage of the product with models rigged and driven by unique animations. Users trigger the animation with a simple click. We provide a straightforward method to reveal your product’s function and structure.

Check our product 3d model samples

Exhaustive Platform Coverage

Our solution is designed to cover all popular mobile platforms including both iOS and Android. We also support advanced AR hardware such as Google Tango devices (including Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus ZenAR) and Microsoft HoloLens for an even more immersive shopping experience.

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